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Transforming Elevator Technology

Explore LiftTech's innovative solutions like Lift Communications, Elevator IoT, and Digital Displays. Our all-in-one platform enhances safety, efficiency, and aesthetics


Lift Communications

Experience seamless lift communications with our specialised end-to-end solutions, including lift emergency phone gateways, autodiallers, and lift shaft intercoms, tailored for any building

Digital Displays

Revolutionise communication in your building with our Digital Displays. Manage content remotely, update notices, and opt for our curation service. Elevate user experience with LiftTech

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4G Upgrade.jpg

4G Upgrade

Transition to 4G technology ensures your elevator systems stay compliant with safety standards by maintaining crucial communication links. This upgrade replaces outdated 2G/3G networks, securing uninterrupted emergency communications and data transfers, a pivotal step towards modern, reliable, and efficient elevator operations

Video & Messaging System (VMS)

Revolutionise safety with our VMS. Offering real-time video & messaging, our technology ensures immediate response in entrapments. Soon to be global law!

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Elevator IoT.jpg

Elevator IoT

Enhance asset value with our Elevator IoT technology. Monitor operations, minimise repairs, and optimise asset lifecycle with insightful details, leveraging lift IoT and elevator efficiency

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Elevator Lighting

Elevate your building's ambiance with LiftTech's Elevator Lighting solutions. From human-centric LED designs to durable shaft lighting upgrades, we light the way in efficiency and style

Lift Going Robots

Revolutionise your facility with LiftTech's Lift Going Robots. Offering delivery, cleaning, and room service robots that navigate elevators seamlessly, we bring efficiency to your doorstep

Lift Going Robots.jpg

All-in-One Platform

Leverage LiftTech's All-in-one platform for seamless control over your lift solutions. Manage Lift Communications, Lift screens, Elevator IoT, and more, all in one secure, browser-based application


Network Operations Centre (NOC)

Leverage the power of LiftTech's NOC, the central hub for innovation and quality. Connecting all solutions including Lift Communications, Elevator IoT, and VMS, we redefine elevator experience

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