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Future Ready

4G Upgrade

Navigating the 3G shutdown? Leap into the future with our innovative 4G lift phone gateway. It's more than just an upgrade; it's a forward-thinking investment. Seamlessly sync with the latest elevator IoT, digital visuals, VMS, and tailor-made multimedia. Why settle when you can soar?

Unique Approach

At Lift Tech, we're not just about adapting; we're about pioneering. Our unique approach to the 3G shutdown sees beyond mere replacement. By integrating our advanced 4G lift phone gateway, we're setting the standard for future lift technologies


Future Ready

With the 4G upgrade, scalability becomes effortless. It allows for modular expansion of technologies, making it easy to add or upgrade features as needs evolve over time.



Compatibility is key with the 4G upgrade, allowing for seamless integration with various elevator systems and peripheral technologies, ensuring a harmonised operation.


Seamless Integration

Embrace the innovation that comes with 4G Upgrade. It's a gateway to a plethora of new-age solutions, readying your elevator systems for modern technologies and ensuring they remain current.


Holistic Overview

The comprehensive benefits of upgrading to 4G extend beyond just enhanced connectivity. It paves the way for holistic management of elevator systems, leveraging modern technologies for better oversight.


Uninterrpted Link

Connectivity advancements with the 4G upgrade mean fewer disruptions and a consistent, reliable link for all your elevator communication needs.


NOC Integrated

Transition to 4G connectivity facilitates remote monitoring, ensuring seamless operation and real-time oversight of elevator systems, vital for timely responses to any technical anomalies.

Dynamic Digital Displays

Upgrade the user experience within your elevators with our cutting-edge digital displays. Seamlessly integrate real-time updates, advertisements, or informational messages, all managed effortlessly through our All-in-One platform. Elevate the visual appeal and functionality of your elevators, creating a modern and interactive ambiance for passengers.

Digital Displays.jpg

Comprehensive Communications

LiftTech's lift communications seamlessly integrate with modern systems, prioritizing unmatched safety and uninterrupted connectivity. We offer future-proof solutions with detailed monitoring, ensuring streamlined operations and sustained relevance in the ever-evolving elevator industry.

Questions you might have...
  • What building types does Lift Tech work with?
    Our capabilities enable us to provide our services to any building with an elevator. We have very large national portfolio customers including warehousing, retail chains, and local governments. We also serve buildings with just 1 lift, up to our largest with 28 lifts. We even have a few individual private homes as valued customers.
  • What elevators can Lift Tech work with?
    We can work on any brand and model of elevator.
  • How much does it cost?
    Not much! - our pricing is geared towards fair and responsible business practices. As almost all projects have bespoke requirements, we quote each individually. Some products such as Lift Communications are packaged solutions and have set pricing. See the Lift Communciations section for more information.
  • Is Lift Tech a proprietary technology? What brands and technologies do you use?
    Lift Tech ethos is that all technology should be non-proprietary. We provide a very strong emphasis on ensuring your technology does not lock you down. Every now and then, a building has a specific use case that means one of the proprietary ecosystems are the best outcome, and as such we keep these options open at all times. Lift Tech are technologically agnostic. There is an excellent choice of products in the Australian market, and we specialise in operating all of them.
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