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Elevator IoT

Harness the power of IoT to transform your elevators into smart, self-monitoring assets. Elevator IoT collects real-time data, monitors traffic, and enables preventive maintenance, significantly reducing downtime and ensuring a smoother, safer elevator operation.

IoT Advantage

Elevator IoT transforms elevators into smart, self-regulating assets, optimizing performance, enhancing safety, and ensuring compliance while extending asset lifespan. Through detailed insights and proactive alerts, it significantly reduces downtime, and maintenance costs.


Preventative Alerts

Receive early notification of potential issues, minimizing downtime and ensuring continuous operation, enhancing the overall safety and extending the life span of your elevator assets.


Future Thinking

Our innovative solutions are designed to adapt to evolving technology trends, ensuring your elevator systems remain at the forefront of industry advancements


Informed Decisions

Utilise our technology to monitor elevator operations remotely, identifying potential issues before they escalate, ensuring your service contractor is well-informed, thus enhancing asset lifespan and reducing repair costs.


Long-Term Value

Embrace sustainability with IoT solutions that not only improve operational efficiency but also contribute to long-term asset preservation and environmental responsibility.


NOC Enabled

Remotely monitored at our NOC, our team will ensure urgent matters are brought to your attention immediately. The captured data can be shared with your Lift Consultant for analysis and asset planning.


Growth Ready

Elevator IoT is engineered to scale with your needs, whether managing a single elevator or a fleet across multiple properties, our technology grows with you.

4G Evolution

Utilising the 4G Upgrade feature within the elevator IoT spectrum, ensures seamless communication and data transmission. This upgrade is pivotal for real-time monitoring and remote management of elevator systems, ensuring they remain up-to-date with the latest technology, ready to handle new advancements as they emerge.

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Monitoring Excellence at the Core

Our Network Operations Centre is the hub of innovation, enabling remote monitoring and management of all our technological solutions. Stay ahead with LiftTech's first-class technology core.

Questions you might have...
  • What building types does Lift Tech work with?
    Our capabilities enable us to provide our services to any building with an elevator. We have very large national portfolio customers including warehousing, retail chains, and local governments. We also serve buildings with just 1 lift, up to our largest with 28 lifts. We even have a few individual private homes as valued customers.
  • What elevators can Lift Tech work with?
    We can work on any brand and model of elevator.
  • How much does it cost?
    Not much! - our pricing is geared towards fair and responsible business practices. As almost all projects have bespoke requirements, we quote each individually. Some products such as Lift Communications are packaged solutions and have set pricing. See the Lift Communciations section for more information.
  • Is Lift Tech a proprietary technology? What brands and technologies do you use?
    Lift Tech ethos is that all technology should be non-proprietary. We provide a very strong emphasis on ensuring your technology does not lock you down. Every now and then, a building has a specific use case that means one of the proprietary ecosystems are the best outcome, and as such we keep these options open at all times. Lift Tech are technologically agnostic. There is an excellent choice of products in the Australian market, and we specialise in operating all of them.
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