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Network Operations Centre (NOC)

Lift Tech's Network Operations Centre (NOC) is your eyes on the ground around the clock, ensuring seamless operation of your technology assets. With robust monitoring and management, our NOC quickly identifies and addresses issues, fostering uninterrupted service and peace of mind. 

Operational Excellence

Lift Tech's NOC offers seamless monitoring and prompt response to ensure elevator safety and compliance. Performance analytics provide insight for informed decisions while remote management offers operational flexibility. Custom notifications keep you informed, ensuring compliance assurance and proactive handling of elevator systems.


Seamless Monitoring

Our Network Operations Centre (NOC) provides 24/7 oversight on your elevator systems, spotting anomalies before they escalate. This continuous vigil enhances safety and compliance, ensuring smooth operations even during off-hours.


Cost Advantage

Economical solutions are at the core of our NOC, ensuring you reap substantial savings while enjoying top-tier elevator management capabilities.


Prompt Response

At the hint of a discrepancy, our NOC initiates prompt actions to mitigate issues, coordinating with onsite teams for immediate resolution. This proactive approach minimizes downtime, keeping your elevators functional and compliant.


Futuristic Edge

Our NOC embodies innovation, fostering a tech-driven environment to continually elevate your building’s elevator systems into the modern age.


Performance Analytics

Harness the power of data with our NOC's performance analytics. Understand your elevator's operational trends, and make informed decisions to optimize performance and extend asset lifespan.


Compliance Assurance

Our NOC aids in maintaining stringent compliance with industry standards and regulations. Continuous monitoring and reporting ensure your elevator technology adheres to the required safety and operational benchmarks.


Dive into a world of seamless integration with our All-in-One Platform. Centralise control and management of all elevator technologies from digital displays to IoT. Accessible via a secure browser, this platform empowers technicians and building managers to optimize performance, enhance safety, and innovate for the future, all from a single unified interface. Elevate your elevator experience with LiftTech

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IoT at the heart of everything

Harness the power of IoT to transform your elevators into smart, self-monitoring assets. Elevator IoT collects real-time data, monitors traffic, and enables preventive maintenance, significantly reducing downtime and ensuring a smoother, safer elevator operation.

Questions you might have...
  • What building types does Lift Tech work with?
    Our capabilities enable us to provide our services to any building with an elevator. We have very large national portfolio customers including warehousing, retail chains, and local governments. We also serve buildings with just 1 lift, up to our largest with 28 lifts. We even have a few individual private homes as valued customers.
  • What elevators can Lift Tech work with?
    We can work on any brand and model of elevator.
  • How much does it cost?
    Not much! - our pricing is geared towards fair and responsible business practices. As almost all projects have bespoke requirements, we quote each individually. Some products such as Lift Communications are packaged solutions and have set pricing. See the Lift Communciations section for more information.
  • Is Lift Tech a proprietary technology? What brands and technologies do you use?
    Lift Tech ethos is that all technology should be non-proprietary. We provide a very strong emphasis on ensuring your technology does not lock you down. Every now and then, a building has a specific use case that means one of the proprietary ecosystems are the best outcome, and as such we keep these options open at all times. Lift Tech are technologically agnostic. There is an excellent choice of products in the Australian market, and we specialise in operating all of them.
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