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About Us

Elevating Excellence: Where Innovation Meets Customer Service

At Lift Tech, we're dedicated to revolutionising elevator technology for building owners. Our mission is to provide centralised, non-proprietary, and cost-effective solutions that empower our clients with unparalleled knowledge and control of their elevator assets. We believe in a future where building owners are not just consumers, but informed and proactive participants in the lifecycle of their elevator systems. By choosing Lift Tech, our customers are making an investment in reliability, transparency, and innovation.


Our Values

Innovation with Purpose: We believe in pushing the boundaries of the elevator industry, not just for the sake of advancement, but to genuinely benefit building owners and create a safer and more efficient environment for all.


Safety First: The well-being of our clients, their occupants, and our team is paramount. We're dedicated to ensuring that every solution we provide prioritises safety above all else.


Old School Customer Service: In a rapidly changing world, we hold tight to the belief that genuine, attentive, and responsive customer service never goes out of style. Our commitment to our clients is deep-rooted and unwavering.


Integrity in Pricing: We uphold the values of honesty and transparency in every transaction. Our customers can trust that our pricing is not only competitive but also fair and reflective of the true value of our services.


Excellence in Workmanship: Quality is non-negotiable. Our team takes pride in delivering workmanship of the highest caliber, ensuring that every project we undertake meets the Lift Tech standard of excellence.

Join our Team

Does this sound like you?

Every team member engages with clients in an open and honest manner. They proactively share information, address concerns, and explain processes, ensuring clients are fully informed and confident in our partnership.


Team members consistently act in the best interests of both the client and Lift Tech. They are reliable and maintain a strong ethical backbone, even in challenging situations, always upholding the company's reputation for truthfulness and fairness.


Each project, no matter its size, is approached with meticulous attention. Team members ensure every aspect is handled with care and precision, going the extra mile to guarantee the highest quality outcome.


Empowering clients with knowledge is a priority. Team members actively educate and offer insights to clients, ensuring they have a clear understanding of our solutions and their benefits, and are well-equipped to make informed decisions.


Team members demonstrate a deep-seated sense of ownership for Lift Tech, treating the company's successes and challenges as their own. They believe wholeheartedly in our mission and bring that belief to life through unwavering dedication, respect for customers, and proactive involvement in every aspect of the business.

Key Team Members

At Lift Tech, we feel like we've won the team lottery! With stars like Doreen, Ivan, and Guy, it's all systems go. Seriously, how did we get so lucky? Elevator magic, perhaps!

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