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Elevate Your Building's Future with LiftTech

Revolutionise your elevator experience with LiftTech's cutting-edge peripheral technologies like Lift Communications, Elevator IoT, and Lift Going Robots. Enhance safety, efficiency, and aesthetics, all while future-proofing your assets with solutions like 4G Upgrade for lift phone gateway

Why LiftTech?

We're redefining the elevator experience with cutting-edge technology, and old school customer service.

Join the thousands who've already embraced the future.

How can we help you?


Tech Leadership

Embrace the future with LiftTech's pioneering technologies, including In-Car Digital Noticeboards and our forward thinking Video & Messaging System. We lead with innovation, offering the best in aesthetic and functional design


Customer First

At LiftTech, customer satisfaction is paramount. Our team's can-do attitude and cheerful disposition ensure honest, supportive, and customer-first service across all facility service industries


End-to-End Solutions

Our team of qualified and highly experienced lift technicians provide comprehensive turnkey solutions without the need for support from your lift company. Our team can work on any lift in any building, across the ANZ region

Explore LiftTech's Innovation!

Explore innovative solutions with our range of technologies including Lift Communications, Elevator IoT, Digital Displays, and Lift Going Robots

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Monitoring Excellence at the Core

Our Network Operations Centre is the hub of innovation, enabling remote monitoring and management of all our technologicla solutions. Stay ahead with LiftTech's first-class technology core

Meet the LiftTech Team:
Elevator Innovators!

Discover LiftTech, specialists in elevator peripheral technologies. Elevate your building with our unique solutions, backed by 20 years of experience. Connect with our dedicated team today!



Explore LiftTech's Wide Array of Peripheral Lift Technologies. From communications and IoT to video systems and robots, our comprehensive offerings like Video & Messaging System (VMS) enhance and innovate your elevator experience, all under one unified platform


Lift Communications

Digital Displays.jpg

Digital Displays

Elevator IoT.jpg

Elevator IoT

Video & Messaging System (VMS).jpg

Video & Messaging System (VMS)

4G Upgrade.jpg

4G Upgrade

Elevator Lighting.jpg

Elevator Lighting


All-in-One Platform

Lift Going Robots.jpg

Lift Going Robots 


Network Operations Centre (NOC)

Working with the Best
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