Expert advice, installation, monitoring, maintenance, and management of Lift Communications systems, including Gateways, Diallers, and Intercommunication Systems

Lift Comms

Fire Certification

FPAA licenced and fully accredited to provide inspection and certification of Emergency Lifts and Landing Door articles of your AFSS

Install digital screens and soundscapes inside your elevator displaying elevator information, directory, notifications, advertisements and other marketing requirements


Monitor, Measure, and Improve the operation of your elevators for improved maintenance focus, energy optimisation, and extended asset lifecycle

Elevator IOT


Lift Technologies (ANZ) is a specialist in Peripheral Lift Technologies and Service, delivering Lift Communications Systems (Lift Phones), Fire Safety Certification for Emergency Lifts, Lift IoT, In-Car Displays, and Access Control / CCTV.

Our end to end service ensures a prompt, seamless, high-quality, always-on solution for the benefit of lift companies, building owners, and facilities/strata managers alike.

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